Q.E.D. – The Casa Grande Photogrammetric Test Range

THE CASA GRANDE PHOTOGRAMMETRIC TEST RANGE ABSTRACTThe Casa Grande Photogrammetric Test Range was established in the mid-sixties to test the dynamic performance of aerial cartographic cameras. A discussion of-the test range design and the field surveys required to establish it is presented. In addition, the photogrammetric procedures normally used to test aerial mapping cameras usingContinue reading “Q.E.D. – The Casa Grande Photogrammetric Test Range”

What was the Arizona Test Range?

Peeling back the layers of this Casa Grande Concrete Crosses mystery, I keep running across other tangential topics that are related but have about as much mass as a vapor cloud. This post details the Arizona Test Range, which you’d think from the name would PERFECTLY fit the idea of the crosses. Add to thisContinue reading “What was the Arizona Test Range?”

U.S. Geological Survey FOIA – “No Responsive Records Found”

Got back a response today from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). They found no records responsive to my request. Click here to view the USGS response. However… the response included this curious statement: “The National Geospatial Technical Operations Center (NGTOC) reports that the geodetic marks were set by the Army Corps of Engineers. These wereContinue reading “U.S. Geological Survey FOIA – “No Responsive Records Found””

Hey, look! I’m still researching this…

Just posting this to show my three readers (Hi, mom!) that I’m actively running through every thread that might lead to info on the AZ Concrete Crosses. US Geological Survey would have used any photogrammetry range available to the US government during mapping actions in the 1960s and 1970s. So if anything exists and getsContinue reading “Hey, look! I’m still researching this…”

Debunking the Arizona Concrete Crosses …one myth at a time.

(Yes, this will take a while…) If you haven’t noticed yet, this is really starting to bug me. The amount of web pages, videos, and general chatter about the “secret in plain sight” near Casa Grande blows my mind. Since the myths themselves have perpetuated via short sound-bites, flashy videos, and really shallow explanations, I’veContinue reading “Debunking the Arizona Concrete Crosses …one myth at a time.”

Candy CORN: analyzing the CORONA concrete crosses myth

(Originally published on December 21, 2020 at TheSpaceReview.com) A few years ago, NPR Morning Edition released a story about spy satellites that caught my attention during a morning commute to work. Reporter Danny Hajek covered a story about mysterious 60-foot-long (18-meter-long) concrete crosses found in the Arizona desert titled, “Decades-Old Mystery Put to Rest: Why AreContinue reading “Candy CORN: analyzing the CORONA concrete crosses myth”