I’m an explorer – Come join me.

I’ve had an insatiable curiosity about the world since I was young.

I ask questions. I read. I research. I observe. I feel.

When something strikes my fancy, I try to learn more. To engage. To bridge. To absorb. To become.

Latest from the Blog

History of the IRON HORSE system

In 1967 the United States SIGINT system (USSS) improved the speed of its support to air operations over Vietnam by a quantum leap. The older manual system, HAMMOCK, was replaced by IRON HORSE, a flashy new automated system which could deliver information in seconds rather than minutes. Designed by the National Security Agency, IRON HORSE…

FOIA Follies – Appeal for Hex-TUNITY records

Watch what I have to contend with, and how to respond. I’m sure there’s a dartboard in Washington, D.C. somewhere with my name, address, and photo on it. Maybe two dartboards, if I’m lucky… Dear Sir or Ma’am, 14675 Lee Road Chantilly, VA 20151-1715 Dear Sir or Ma’am, This is an appeal for NRO FOIA…

Onizuka AFS/AFB Talk at Sunnyvale Historical Society

Two days ago (20 June 2022), I spoke in front of an audience at the Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum on the legacy of Onizuka Air Force Base/Station. I spoke to a mixed audience of interested community members, Society officers, and former Blue Cube workers for about an hour, and had a lengthy Q&A session afterwards.…

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