I’m an explorer – Come join me.

I’ve had an insatiable curiosity about the world since I was young.

I ask questions. I read. I research. I observe. I feel.

When something strikes my fancy, I try to learn more. To engage. To bridge. To absorb. To become.

Latest from the Blog

Words I never thought I’d see in print…

https://futurism.com/the-byte/space-force-first-weapon-satellite-jammer Some of these folks went on to bigger and better things… some did not. This photo was taken for some ass-hat general as a “thank you” from the 4SPCS. The asshole in the front (wearing the sunglasses) told one of his officers to “make this [photo] happen.” Therein lies the story of why thisContinue reading “Words I never thought I’d see in print…”

Q.E.D. – The Casa Grande Photogrammetric Test Range

THE CASA GRANDE PHOTOGRAMMETRIC TEST RANGE ABSTRACTThe Casa Grande Photogrammetric Test Range was established in the mid-sixties to test the dynamic performance of aerial cartographic cameras. A discussion of-the test range design and the field surveys required to establish it is presented. In addition, the photogrammetric procedures normally used to test aerial mapping cameras usingContinue reading “Q.E.D. – The Casa Grande Photogrammetric Test Range”

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