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Onizuka Air Force **Base**

Yeah, this seems silly to post, but I’ve gotten so many comments from people about my “misnaming” of the base. I know between the name “Sunnyvale Air Force Station” and “Onizuka Air Station” there were at least two other names: Air Force Base and Air Force Station. This gentleman’s picture (shamelessly pilfered from FB) clearlyContinue reading “Onizuka Air Force **Base**”

Chronology Of NASA-NRO Interaction: 1961-Present

Source: “Sharing Space: The Secret Interaction Between NASA and the NRO: 1961-1995.” 1957 October: Soviet Union launches Sputnik, the first artificial earth satellite, ushering in the space age and the space race. 1958 January: United States launches its first satellite, Explorer-1, aboard Army Jupiter-C booster. February: United States begins work on a film-return photo reconnaissanceContinue reading “Chronology Of NASA-NRO Interaction: 1961-Present”

Well, he wasn’t wrong…

I’ve got another agency that does not like dealing with me when I ask for historical records. They, however, know the law and what they are supposed to do with an information request. To their credit, this agency has slipped in a double entendre when presenting me the redacted historical information:


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