Coming Soon! Schriever SFB Through Time

Okay, “coming soon” might be a bit of hyperbole since the publication date is scheduled for August 2022. But, hey, I was excited to see the cover *and* finish the final proofing of the manuscript this weekend. Since Falcon Air Force Station (now known as Schriever Space Force Base) was the successor in both legacyContinue reading “Coming Soon! Schriever SFB Through Time”

Comments on “Have You Ever Heard of the Blue Cube?”

On April 7, 2022, the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) added a blog post titled “Have You Ever Heard of the Blue Cube?” about Onizuka Air Force Station. While I was excited to read something about the Blue Cube that was “new,” I wanted to punch my computer screen after I read it. So, in typicalContinue reading “Comments on “Have You Ever Heard of the Blue Cube?””

Tilting at Windmills (Pt. 1)

RE: Copyright Fair Use of United States Air Force Emblem in Historical Book Dear Senator [———], My name is Joseph T. Page II and I’m an author, military veteran, and constituent who resides in your state. I’ve been given a cease-and-desist order by the United States Air Force Trademark Licensing division about the use ofContinue reading “Tilting at Windmills (Pt. 1)”

Not a Fan of Politicians… or their Staffers

Backstory on this response letter: way back in 2010 or 2011, the NRO was doing their thing and taking their sweet-ass time in declassifying the existence of Gambit and Hexagon. Now, this would have been the first major declassification effort since Corona (1995), so it was kept under wraps pretty well, but the audience wasContinue reading “Not a Fan of Politicians… or their Staffers”

Commentary on VA Claim for Tinnitus

So I had a bit of a verbal tussle with someone on FB, after I posted a paperwork package to submit a claim for Tinnitus (that damn ringing in the ears) for fellow Missile Combat Crew Members (aka “missileers”). If you’re in need of an assist to file your VA claim for Tinnitus, see theContinue reading “Commentary on VA Claim for Tinnitus”

Words I never thought I’d see in print… Some of these folks went on to bigger and better things… some did not. This photo was taken for some ass-hat general as a “thank you” from the 4SPCS. The asshole in the front (wearing the sunglasses) told one of his officers to “make this [photo] happen.” Therein lies the story of why thisContinue reading “Words I never thought I’d see in print…”