Onizuka AFS/AFB Talk at Sunnyvale Historical Society

Two days ago (20 June 2022), I spoke in front of an audience at the Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum on the legacy of Onizuka Air Force Base/Station. I spoke to a mixed audience of interested community members, Society officers, and former Blue Cube workers for about an hour, and had a lengthy Q&A session afterwards.Continue reading “Onizuka AFS/AFB Talk at Sunnyvale Historical Society”

Coming Soon! Schriever SFB Through Time

Okay, “coming soon” might be a bit of hyperbole since the publication date is scheduled for August 2022. But, hey, I was excited to see the cover *and* finish the final proofing of the manuscript this weekend. Since Falcon Air Force Station (now known as Schriever Space Force Base) was the successor in both legacyContinue reading “Coming Soon! Schriever SFB Through Time”

Tilting at Windmills (Pt. 1)

RE: Copyright Fair Use of United States Air Force Emblem in Historical Book Dear Senator [———], My name is Joseph T. Page II and I’m an author, military veteran, and constituent who resides in your state. I’ve been given a cease-and-desist order by the United States Air Force Trademark Licensing division about the use ofContinue reading “Tilting at Windmills (Pt. 1)”

Words I never thought I’d see in print…

https://futurism.com/the-byte/space-force-first-weapon-satellite-jammer Some of these folks went on to bigger and better things… some did not. This photo was taken for some ass-hat general as a “thank you” from the 4SPCS. The asshole in the front (wearing the sunglasses) told one of his officers to “make this [photo] happen.” Therein lies the story of why thisContinue reading “Words I never thought I’d see in print…”

Q.E.D. – The Casa Grande Photogrammetric Test Range

THE CASA GRANDE PHOTOGRAMMETRIC TEST RANGE ABSTRACTThe Casa Grande Photogrammetric Test Range was established in the mid-sixties to test the dynamic performance of aerial cartographic cameras. A discussion of-the test range design and the field surveys required to establish it is presented. In addition, the photogrammetric procedures normally used to test aerial mapping cameras usingContinue reading “Q.E.D. – The Casa Grande Photogrammetric Test Range”

What was the Arizona Test Range?

Peeling back the layers of this Casa Grande Concrete Crosses mystery, I keep running across other tangential topics that are related but have about as much mass as a vapor cloud. This post details the Arizona Test Range, which you’d think from the name would PERFECTLY fit the idea of the crosses. Add to thisContinue reading “What was the Arizona Test Range?”

Onizuka Air Force **Base**

Yeah, this seems silly to post, but I’ve gotten so many comments from people about my “misnaming” of the base. I know between the name “Sunnyvale Air Force Station” and “Onizuka Air Station” there were at least two other names: Air Force Base and Air Force Station. This gentleman’s picture (shamelessly pilfered from FB) clearlyContinue reading “Onizuka Air Force **Base**”