Hey, look! I’m still researching this…

Interim FOIA response from US Geological Survey, 8 Jan 2021

Just posting this to show my three readers (Hi, mom!) that I’m actively running through every thread that might lead to info on the AZ Concrete Crosses. US Geological Survey would have used any photogrammetry range available to the US government during mapping actions in the 1960s and 1970s. So if anything exists and gets found, I will post it here.

This FOIA request was worded specifically to call out any usage of the range. If I had used “Arizona CORONA Calibration Crosses,” the request would have been stored with the UFO-related ones… in the “round file” (trash can).

(Oh BTW, my oven is warming up to bake some Humble Pie, if need be. I’m man enough to admit I’m wrong, if that’s the case and evidence *actually* exists. But I don’t think so…)


2 thoughts on “Hey, look! I’m still researching this…

  1. I’ve been to a couple of the Casa Grande desert crosses and I find them fascinating. Could there be a correlation between the US that were stationed at Davis Monthan AFBduring the early 1960s and these crosses?


    1. Claude, the U-2s that were stationed at DM in the 1960s/1970s were NOT part of the IDEALIST program (e.g. not CIA U-2s). There’s a lot of documentation on the CIA FOIA website about how IDEALIST U-2s at DM would have caused problems – many CIA pilots were “sheep-dipped” (transferred) from the USAF program. Having both sets of pilots, whom were recognizable to each other, would have been… how Gen Z’ers say “awkward.” *IF* the Casa Grande Targets were part of CORONA, they would have had mention inside BYEMAN-controlled information channels and available to IDEALIST pilots. As I pointed out in the article, there were NO mentions of the range/crosses inside the NRO’s declassified docs, so the range could have just been unclassified… and thereby used by the USAF U-2s.

      But, another problem crops up – there’s no mention of the range in USAF archives either (as far as I’ve looked). Program D was the NRO’s hook into U-2, SR-71, and drone activities until the early 1970s. Many of those files are still classified – I usually concentrate on the satellite side of things. So, there may be mention of the range in Program D files…


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