Burden of Proof or Why I cannot convince you of a negative

Yeah, I waste time on Facebook – this I cannot deny. I try to limit the time I spend there, but the diminishing rate of return (relevant information vs time spent) has been steadily decreasing over the last few years. (Note to my readers viewing this on FB: this is not an anti-FB rant) InContinue reading “Burden of Proof or Why I cannot convince you of a negative”

Riddle Me This… Gambit PET Reports

At some point over the last Christmas break, I got bored. I should have been planning my post-graduation future (oh, wait… I’m already employed), but I spent many hours making incessant FOIA requests to the NRO. If you want to know what excess is – there were 38 (KH-7) GAMBIT and 54 (KH-8) GAMBIT-3 launches.Continue reading “Riddle Me This… Gambit PET Reports”