Zoom Talk w/Saratoga Historical Society (CA)

On Monday October 25, I had an hour-and-a-half Zoom presentation with the Saratoga Historical Society (CA) about Onizuka Air Force Base. I’m always a bit nervous when I start my presentations, but that dissipated quickly.

As I mention in my talk, the material was going to be covered at a “35K foot level going about 500 mph.” There is just so many nooks-and-crannies to talk about the work done in Sunnyvale from the earliest days up to the site’s closure.

Future posts (and talks?) will cover additional areas where I could not go in depth due to time:

  • Weapon System 117L and the connection with Lockheed Missile Systems Division (later Lockheed Missiles and Space Division)
  • The development of the Agena upper-stage
  • Intricacies of the “worldwide” Satellite Control Network (now known as the Air Force Satellite Control Network, or AFSCN)
  • More attention to the Corona, Gambit, and Hexagon programs
  • Coverage of the EARPOP signals intelligence payloads
  • A little more of a “day in the life” for this military brat and future space history nut

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