Onizuka AFS History: Land Purchase

The journey of a million orbits begins with a single purchase memo.
  1. Inclosed (sic) is a letter from Lockheed Aircraft Corporation offering to transfer to the Air Force, without cost, a 11.4 acre site adjacent to the Sentry Production Plant at Sunnyvale, California for the construction of the Sentry Development Control Center

2. A survey was made of all government-owned property in the vicinity of San Francisco, California in an attempt to find a facility that could be modified to satisfy the requirements or a site suitable for construction of the proposed facility. No government-owned facility or property was found that would satisfy the requirements.

3. It is recommended that Lockheed Aircraft Corporation’s offer of the site at Sunnyvale be accepted for the following reasons:

a. The site is immediately adjacent to the Sentry Production Facility and meets all the requirements for construction of the proposed facility.

b. A computer is available at the Sentry Production Facility that can be utilized, which wills save the cost of an additional computer for the Development Control Center.

c. The required property is available immediately and will be transferred to the Air Force without cost.

d. Location of the Development Control Center adjacent to the Sentry Production Facility will afford simplified management and result in savings of both management and technical personnel.


6. In view of the above, immediate allotment of funds in the amount of $1,500,000 is requested for the subject facility. Funding of this item together with the items previously requested will fulfill all known FY 59 facility requirements for this weapon system.


B.A. Schriever

Major General, USAF


Original document is located here: https://www.nro.gov/Portals/65/documents/foia/declass/WS117L_Records/770.PDF


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